Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amazing Money Jar Bank

Okay, don't laugh. But my nephew keeps all of his loose change in his Amazing Money Jar Bank, and I've been thinking about buying one for myself for over a year now. I know it's all in my head, but $14.95 just seemed a bit too pricey for me. So, I've been waiting for it to go on sale. And my patience has finally been rewarded. I happened to stop by the local Walgreen drug store today, and saw the same toy on sale for $9.99.

The neat thing about this toy is that it automatically recognizes the amount of each coin as you drop it in the jar and then displays a running total on a little LED screen. So, if you're like me, and you want to know exactly how much loose change you have lying around in the house, this money jar is a great thing to have on hand.


the Prince of Thrift said...

maybe it is just my thrifty thinking but why not just use a jar you already have? ie: an old mircle whip jar (or peanut butter, jelly, etc, etc)

IRA said...

Prince of Thrift - Thanks for stopping by. The neat thing about this jar is that it 'counts' the coins as you insert them. I've updated the post to make that clear.