Saturday, February 08, 2014

Free FICO Score for Discover Card Customers

Okay, true confessions.  Since I first opened a credit card 20+ years ago, I've pretty much paid all my bills on time. So, I've never bothered to pull my credit score.  I figured I probably had a pretty decent score.  But I've been curious.  And now my curiosity has been satisfied.

Discover has expanded one of its offerings and is now providing FICO credit scores to *all* of its credit card customers for free! And yes, it's a real score vs. the close approximation from vendors like Credit Karma.  Ironically, my first credit card was a Discover card. So, it's kind of fitting since they're contributing to 15% of my score via the "length of credit history" component, don't you think?

I just shared my score with a close friend who is in my opinion a personal finance queen.  And apparently, her score is 7 points lower. Her disgruntled comment was "I attribute it to the fact that you're older."  Umm...okay. Considering length of credit history is a very minor component of the score, I really don't think so :-)

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