Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I have to admit, this story about a millennial who quit his six figure job and gave most of his possessions away, really struck a chord with me.  My parents are very frugal, and they taught me the values of minimalism even before I became aware of the minimalist movement. But I admit that in my early 30s, I did have a tendency to acquire way more 'stuff' than I needed. Instead of exercising or meeting with folks during my lunch hour, I used to go clothes shopping. However, the decision to go back to grad school in 2007 helped re-prioritize and reboot my life. I sold my luxury sports sedan, gave away most of my book collection, and put myself on a really tight budget. After graduation, the lack of steady employment for 3 years definitely reinforced my minimalist ways. So, in some ways, I'm grateful for the recession. When you no longer have the trappings of success, you start to see more clearly the things that really matter to you. I no longer buy books, unless they're on the bargain rack at my local library or Goodwill store. And my clothes are mostly items that I found at thrift stores or hand me downs from friends. But I'm a lot happier now than when I was making a six figure salary with an impressive title and closets full of random 'stuff' :-)

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