Thursday, April 20, 2006

Baby Products - a $7 Billion Industry

Who knew that you could spend $879 on a baby stroller? Well, I didn't until last month, when a friend showed up at church with one of these.

Lately, it seems as if every time I turn around, one of my friends is either expecting, adopting or about to give birth. So, I've been getting a crash course on the latest and greatest baby products. All I can say is, 'Wow!'

According to a recent article from Fortune magazine, it's a $7 billion industry, and "companies are doing whatever it takes to get the attention of today's chic parents." Click here to read more about the Bugaboo stroller and the Skip Hop (aka the $5 million diaper bag).


Single Ma said...

good lawd! after you spend all that on baby accessories, there isn't much left to actually TAKE CARE of the baby.

IRA said...

Single Ma - That's what I was thinking, too! How about putting all that money into the child's college fund, instead?