Wednesday, April 19, 2006

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

As a money saving tip, consider walking instead of driving. Pretty basic idea, right? But it never occurred to me to try to walk home from work until a few months ago, when a friend invited me to walk with her. As we chatted and caught up on our busy work weeks, the 30 minutes just flew by. And before I knew it, we were standing in front of my condo building.

So, how much do I save by walking home from work? $1.75 in bus fare. If I do that 3 times a week, that's $5.25, or just enough to pay for quick lunch with a coworker in the cafeteria.

Now that the days are longer and a bit warmer, I really look forward to the walk home. I tried a couple of different routes, and eventually found one that takes me through some quiet, residential neighborhoods, along some tree lined streets. When you factor in the amount of time that I used to spend waiting for the bus, and the actual 10 minute ride home, plus the time that it took to change into my workout clothes, so I could hop on one of the 4 treadmills in our workout room for a 30 minute cardio session.....walking home just made a whole lot of sense. Of course, if I have to carry a lot of files or my laptop home with me, or it's rainy or cold outside, I cut myself some slack, and it's off to the bus stop.

Also, if I'm feeling particularly antsy or need more of an extended period of solitude, I'll hop on my bike and go for long ride along the lakefront. No cost savings there, but at least it's free :-)

If you don't live close enough to work to walk or ride your bike, then consider walking to the grocery store or to the post office, which is what my parents do. You'll not only save on gas and wear and tear on our car, but you'll be contributing to your long term health as well.

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