Thursday, February 01, 2007

Netflix Wins

A lot of folks in the pf blogging community have been debating the pros and cons of Netflix vs. Blockbuster. I prefer Netflix because (a) I don't live anywhere near a Blockbuster, and (b) my taste in movies is a bit eclectic.

Against my advice, my friend Shirley converted recently to Blockbuster. Admittedly, she lives right near a Blockbuster store, so it's convenient for her. But lately, she's been complaining about the limited selection. For the past 3 weeks, she's been waiting for the movie 'You Can Count on Me'. And although it's at the very top of her queue, Blockbuster has been sending her everything but that particular movie. So, as an experiment, she asked me to try to get the movie from Netflix. And the race was on. Which one of us would get it faster? Well, no contest, really. Within 2 days of bumping it to the top of my queue, I received my copy of the movie in the mail. She's still waiting for her copy from Blockbuster. Go figure.

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