Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Avoiding Procrastination

When life gets busy for me, which it has been for the past few weeks, I wind up spending way too much money on convenience items. But here's one 'convenience item' that I was determined to resist - a 3 month extension on a correspondence class.

The correspondence course officially expires tomorrow. And I had one assignment left in the class...a research paper that would require a significant amount of time and energy to finish. But I'm also taking a second class at a community college. And I needed to prepare and give a presentation and submit a research paper for that class as well. Needless to say, I could have used a few extra days to finish everything up. But was it worth paying for an extension? I could literally buy myself 3 months of time.

In the end, I decided that it wasn't a good idea to pay $75 for the extension and then have the paper hanging over my head all summer. So, last week I started feverishly working on the two research papers and the presentation. I gave the presentation on Thursday, submitted my final assignment for my correspondence class on Sunday, and turned in the research paper for my second class on Monday.

Of course, as a reward to myself for my good behavior, I promptly went out and spent $107.17 at the outlet malls. In my defense, Saturday was supposed to be a Spa Day with friends that we'd arranged months in advance before I knew about my class deadlines. But the spa was totally booked solid. So I probably spent less money at the mall than I would've at the spa. And in the end, I probably had more fun shopping and laughing with my gal pals. As an added bonus, I got some great deals on several much needed items for my spring wardrobe, as well as a mother's day present for my mom.

Now all I need to do is study for a final exam, and I then I'll be schoolwork free for 3 whole months! Woohoo!

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