Friday, May 05, 2006

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Gardening Tips

There are some great alternative (environmentally friendly) household cleaning and gardening tips in this week's edition of Clean Home Journal from SC Johnson. Here are my favorites:

Black pepper - as a plant saver. Sprinkle on plants to deter pets and pests.

White bread - as a scuff and stain remover. Decrust a slice of white bread and roll into a ball. Rub it over wallpaper or painted surfaces to remove scuffs and stains.

Potting rocks - as a soap saver. Help prevent a scummy soap dish by covering the plate with smooth potting rocks and placing the soap on top. The rocks prevent the soap from sitting in that inevitable puddle of water and disintegrating.

Lemon - as a lime-descaler. Hard water can cause buildup called lime scale in your bathroom sinks. To eliminate, cut a lemon in half and use it to scrub the area. This will help cut through the scaling. Then use a scrubby pad and water to clear leftover debris.

Nylons - to clean window screens.

Lip balm - to silence squeaks. Coat noisy hinges to reduce squeaks.

Tea bags - as fertilizer. Sprinkle used tea leaves in flower beds for fertilizer. Or dilute a cup of tea in four cups of water and use it to water your plants.

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