Monday, June 26, 2006

Unclaimed Baggage

Ever wonder what happens to unclaimed luggage? According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, some of it winds up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center which is "a retail outlet that buys lost baggage that has gone unclaimed for at least 90 days directly from airlines" and then sells the contents to the general public at substantially discounted prices. The store is inconveniently located in Scottsboro, Alabama. But selected items are also available for purchase online at

So, what are the odds of finding some of your own lost items?

Cantrell said that's a "nearly impossible task." That is, unless you're one lucky woman in Atlanta."There was one gentleman who ended up buying his wife's old ski boots that she had lost two years ago," Cantrell said. " She had gotten a reimbursement from the airlines and everything, but he bought them here for $45 and didn't even know they were her original boots until he brought them back home to her in Atlanta.

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