Friday, June 02, 2006

New Baby Trend - Domain Names

Celebrities have taken to registering variations on their children's names as domain names to protect their children's privacy in cyberspace. For example, according to E!Online, the domain names, and were all registered by Jolie through her attorney in advance of her baby's birth.

But what's interesting to note is the trend amongst non-celebrity parents. According to the editor of Parents magazine, parents are snapping up domain names and setting up web sites devoted to their babies.

I did a quick search online, and there are already several companies out there that are capitalizing on this trend and targeting their ads towards expectant parents. So, my guess is that it's here to stay. Baby shower registries, and now domain names. What next?

From a personal finance perspective, it just seems like yet another way for the $7 billion baby industry to squeeze even more money out of financially strapped parents. But maybe if I had children, I'd want to document their every milestone for all the world to see as well?

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