Friday, July 07, 2006

Wishing I Were Average

In terms of shoe size. In one of my earliest posts, I mentioned that I have trouble finding clothes that fit because I'm what the clothing manufacturers refer to as 'petite' (i.e., another nice way of saying that I'm vertically challenged). Well, I also have what my friends refer to as tiny feet, as well as short toes and low arches. Which means that I have trouble finding shoes that fit. On Wednesday, I ordered a brand new pair of Chaco ZX/1 sport sandals from in a size 6, the smallest size that they had in stock. I was all excited because they're supposed to be really comfortable. And I got a great deal on them using a discount from the upromise website. Unfortunately, when I tried them on yesterday evening, they were too big. Huh! According to the Chaco website, the sandals do come in a size 5. So, I checked for a smaller size at Amazon, REI, shoemall and shoebuy. No such luck. Oh, to be an average sized American female...sigh.


Flexo said...

I'm short as well, and I have just a hard of a time finding clothes (including shoes) that fit me.

IRA said...

Yeah, the trend for men seems to be going in the opposite direction towards bigger and taller sizes. My ex-boyfriend used to wear youth sizes because his waist was really tiny. Of course, that made me more than a tad bit self-conscious about my pant size :-)

Gigi said...

I'm uh gravitionally challenged. I have a hard time finding any pants that are long enough and smaller than a size 6. I use to wear young men's pants, 28x34 (longer inseam than my dad). Thankfully some women's pants are getting longer.