Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another Positive Customer Service Story

After my rant yesterday about stuff that I regretted buying, I started thinking that maybe I should email some of these vendors to voice my concerns. I decided to start with the smallest one first. I actually like Method cleaning wipes, and appreciate the fact that they're trying to market environmentally friendly and consumer friendly products, but ever since I started using their laundry detergent, my clothes and towels have come out feeling really stiff.

Anyway, they really make it easy on consumers to contact them. Right there, on the back of the bottle, they list not only their website address but their email address as well.

So, late last night, I sent a nice, friendly email to First I complimented them on their cleaning wipes. Then I explained my frustration with their laundry detergent and asked if any other consumers had expressed similar concerns.

This morning, I went to check my email and low and behold, a marketing manager at Method had written me back. She indicated that they had received little (if any), negative feedback about the efficacy of the detergent. So, she was wondering if maybe it was just a bad batch and asked for the lot number. She also asked me for my street address because she wanted to send me some coupons for some free products. Cool beaners. That was really nice of her.

Anyway, I'm hoping that the bottle really did come from a bad batch because I'd really like to see this company succeed.

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