Friday, March 10, 2006 CD is on its way to me

Jeff at put up a post earlier this week about, a new CD trading site. Just for kicks, I signed up and randomly typed in the name of a CD that I've sort of been wanting for a while. Well, this morning I got an email indicating that the CD is on its way to me. Wow! That was fast. And I haven't even listed any of my CDs yet.

Here's the original email that they sent me after I'd signed up at the site.

'la la' makes shipping easy by providing you with pre-stamped envelopes and protective cases, so all you need to do is drop your CD in the mail! Simply place your CDs in one of the re-usable 'la la' protective cases and mail them using 'la la' shipping envelopes. The address of the requesting members will be disclosed to you when you agree to ship a CD.

Your first 'la la' shipping kits.
'la la' will send you a starter kit for 5 trades as soon as you list 5 CDs in your Have List or agree to ship your first CD. The starter kit will be automatically sent to the mailing address you provided during registration. Future kits will automatically be sent as you ship more CDs.

Ready to ship but don't have any kits?
For new members, 'la la accounts for the time it takes to get you a starter kit, your account will not be penalized for any shipping delays. So go ahead and agree to ship, but be sure to ship 'em as soon you get the kits...
And remember, the more you ship the more you'll receive,
'la la'

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