Friday, March 17, 2006

Picassos at Costco

Apparently, people will buy just about anything at Costco. But Picasso drawings? Eeek!

Costco Checking Authenticity of Picassos

One of Pablo Picasso's daughters has questioned the authenticity of a drawing listed for sale on Costco Wholesale Corp.'s Web site, and for two others already sold over the past two years as works by the iconic Spanish cubist.

"Picador in a Bullfight," a drawing listed at $145,999.99, was removed from Costco's Web site this week after Maya Widmaier-Picasso questioned its authenticity certificates, and the certificates for the other two works.

Costco has begun probing their authenticity, Jim Sinegal, chief executive of the nation's largest wholesale-club, said Thursday. "We're still trying to ferret out where we're at on this thing," Sinegal said. He said the company had thoroughly researched the authenticity of "Picador in a Bullfight" and the other two before they were offered for sale.

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