Thursday, March 16, 2006

Money Saving Tip: Employee Purchase Programs for Friends and Family

Last month, Free Money Finance wrote a post entitled Money Saving Tip: Tell Friends When You're Thinking of Buying. Along the same vein, always ask your friends if they know of any employee purchase programs that are open to family and friends. And take note when people around you decide to buy new things. You can benefit from their up-to-date research and customer experiences, especially when it comes rapidly changing purchases, such as technology.

For example, I've been eyeing the Lenovo Thinkpad Z60t for the past few months. And last week, one of my friends mentioned that he'd ordered one for his wife through his mother-in-law's employee purchase program. I asked him about the pros and cons of that particular model and if I could actually take a look at the laptop when it arrives. For me, the feel of the keyboard is pretty important. Thankfully, he said 'yes'. But more than that, he offered to send me the link to the employee purchase program because it clearly states on the email that you can forward the email onto family and friends. Yippee! That's a $700-$800 discount off of the Lenovo web price!

And as FMF reminded us in his post, it's always good to find a new home for things that you don't need. Thankfully, my parents already have dibs on my desktop computer :-)

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